12-13 Jan 2016 Bordeaux (France)

Welcome to the Astrochemistry with ALMA Cycle 4 web-site

The workshop aims to bring together observers and theoreticians from the star and planet formation community to discuss about the major challenges in the field and how ALMA can address them, in preparation of the upcoming Cycle 4 deadline. We will focus on chemical diagnostics in the various phases of evolution, from pre-stellar cores, to protostars and protoplanetary disks, taking into account ALMA Cycle 4 capabilities. Recent advances will be presented and future needs will be discussed. The possibility of forming teams to request large programs will also be addressed.


SOC: P.Caselli, A.Dutrey, D.Semenov, V.Wakelam

LOC: A.Dutrey & V.Wakelam

Online user: 1